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South Africa offers all her visitors the opportunity to view an African lion on safari in one or more of our many big five reserves. Ama-Zing African Safaris conduct wildlife safaris to the world renowned, nearly 2 million hectares Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg National Park which is situated in a transition zone in the North-West Province.

We typically start a safari from Pretoria or Johannesburg and return our guests to the same address after the safari.Business travellers who don't know what to do in Johannesburg on off days can book one of our day trips from Johannesburg or Pretoria to Pilanesberg and stand a chance to view the African Big 5. Africa's bush and the beauty of the African wildlife is our passion, and what better way to experience the splendor of such a magnificent country and all nature has to offer than on a true African Safari

Kruger National Park Safaris

South Africa's number one destination for wildlife lovers across the globe, Kruger National Park is unrivalled in the diversity of its life forms and offers a wildlife experience second to none. Boasting an impressive number of 336 tree species, 49 fish species, 34 amphibian species, 114 reptile species, 507 bird species and 147 mammal species, including the "Big 5" - it is the best place in the world to experience true wild nature. The Kruger National Park's history is captured in almost 254 known cultural heritage sites, including nearly 130 recorded rock art sites. More than 300 archaeological sites of Stone Age men have been found. Experience the African bush on a tented or camping Kruger Park safari or a chalet or accommodated Kruger Park Safari in one of the park's 12 original rest camps or on a luxury Kruger Park safari at one of the luxury lodges.

Pilanesberg National Park Safaris

Pilanesberg National Park is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world! Unique overlaps of mammals, birds and vegetation occur in the Pilanesberg National Park because of the park's existence within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld.

Within the Pilanesberg National Park there are forested ravines, typical bushveld and also rolling grassland and wooded areas. This mixture of habitats make it the perfect place for springbok, brown hyena, red-eyed bulbul and camel thorn trees to coexist in one park with impala, dark capped bulbul and cape chestnut trees. Pilanesberg National Park is also home to the African Big 5. Join us on one of our one day safaris, one of our tented or camping safaris, one of our chalet or accommodated safaris or one of our 5 star luxury Pilanesberg safaris.

Johannesburg Day Tours

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and one of the 50 largest agglomerations in the world.

Johannesburg is also the world's largest city not situated on a river, lake or coastline and it has more than enough attractions and activities to keep it's visitors busy for a few days...


We wanted to thank you so very much for an exceptional safari holiday. It’s our first safari adventure, and what an incredible experience it was!!You made sure that we experienced all this beautiful national park has to offer, and made sure we got to see as much as possible….and some. The food and hospitality were ama-zing and made it a truly memorable holiday. We will most definitely be booking the Kruger National Park, next, with you of course! Thanks again, you have ensured we know what a holiday is all about!
The trip to Pilansberg with Willie was extraordinary. The expertise and knowledge that Willie offers are exceptional, and his respect for these great animals is even more. I did not realize how important a guide is, and Willie is really the best. Many thanks for a fantastic experience, and for letting us see the dignity and beauty of these animals. Thanks for being so generous with your time and knowledge, thanks again!
Firstly, I want to thank you for giving my family the greatest safari holiday we have ever had. It was truly an amazing experience to visit South Africa and see the wildlife your beautiful country has to offer. We never thought we would see lions hunting down a buffalo and to watch them enjoy their feast right in front of our eyes. My wife and I have already started planning our next trip to South Africa for next year to visit Pilanesberg National Park.
Jacus Krakow

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