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Monday, November 05 2012

I had a great time in Pilanesberg National Park last week with a family from Doha.
They had the pleasure of seeing Pilanesberg’s only pack of wild dogs feeding on an impala. I still don’t think they know how lucky they were, so I am going to tell them again.
Jeff, Michelle, Rodger, Benjamin and Erin you were very lucky! Most of the visitors to Pilanesberg National park don’t see the dogs at all. You saw them feeding! And to top it all you got to also see lions on the same day.
While walking along the stream in Bakgatla camp I came across something which was totally different to Lions or Wild dogs but surely one of the highlights for me.
This is a perfect example of the nest of a foam nest frog.

While laying her eggs with a male on her back to fertilise them, the female foam nest frog kicks with her hind legs to create this foam in which the eggs get stuck.

The foam attaches to the log or branch on which the frog lays her eggs. The outer part hardens and protects the eggs from the elements and predators. As the eggs hatch and the tadpoles grow, they get too heavy for the nest and it breaks, leaving the tadpoles falling into the water body over which the nest was built.

Other than all of this we also saw a lot of Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Springbok, Steenbok, Elephants and many more that I am not going to mention.
The birds of Pilanesberg National Park also played their part and I think they have created a new birder! Rodger was determined to tick off all the birds listed in the map of Pilanesberg and I think he got very close. Well done Rodger.
I am now focussed on photographing the Masked Weavers in camp and at Mankwe dam and I will make sure to post a few later this week.

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